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Mortal Beauty

Mortal Beauty

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Artist: Nisa Omar
Art Title: Mortal Beauty
Material: Print & Acrylic on Canvas
Size: A2 / A3 
Art Frame: Yes

The story:
In a life where we always look for perfection; the smoothest skin, the flawless touch, the sweetest scent. We tend to forget that we are not immortal. But the beauty on the inside, will last forever. This is the story behind Mortal Beauty.

Mortal Beauty is part of the Women Series exhibition where it showcases five (5) artworks presenting different perspectives and stories related to being a women. 

Print & Acrylic on Canvas:  A high-quality image of the original painting were printed on canvas using high-quality ink. The original piece won a bronze award at the International Painting Competition by Camelback Gallery 2021.

If you are interested in a smaller size, please email

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