Online Art Event

We are happy to share the success of the recent SwaKarya Live Art Showcase 2024! It was held on the 28th January 2024 via Zoom event and it is our way to show appreciation towards the global art community while sharing with the world some truly amazing artwork! 

The following would be the highlights of the SwaKarya Live Art Showcase 2024!

Global Art Showcase
We showcase diverse talents and explore unique narratives of beautiful artworks created by artists all around the globe. This is a curated show where all artwork was carefully and meticulously selected to show the artists' unique voices and stories.

Introducing our Global Artists!


Open Art Chat
The event opens up opportunities for the audience to chat with the artists. Many discussions were held, whether an artist seeking inspiration or just an art lover looking to discuss art, the platform was used to share your thoughts or questions about art in general.

Pre-launch of "Naked Words"
The event showcases the first ever book publication by SwaKarya, 'Naked Words'. This pre-launch introduced the audience to all that needs to know about this publication and the authors. 'Naked Words' is a compilation of poems by Mawar Marzuki and artwork by Nisa Omar; within the theme of femaleness and femininity. For more information about the book, click this link. 

Virtual Award Ceremony
o commemorate the artists' achievement from the previous SwaKarya International Art Competition 2023, the award ceremony was held at the end of the Live Art Showcase event. The winner announcement is for the Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, Best in Category, and Honorary Mention. To know more about the art competition, click this link. 

High viewership
In total, we achieve close to 400 (and counting) total accumulation of viewership from our live audience and recorded streaming audience on social media. Audiences who registered for this event are not only the artists but also art lovers, curators, gallery owners, and many others. 

Take a look at the full recording of the event:

If you are an artist who would like to take part in this event in the future, please email



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