International Art Competition 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that SwaKarya Gallery has successfully concluded its International Art Competition 2023, making a momentous chapter in our creative journey. The following would be the highlights of the SwaKarya International Art Competition 2023:

Global Participation: There are over 100 submitted artworks with participating artists from 23 different countries graced us with their exceptional talents, making this competition a celebration of diverse artistic voices and perspectives. We received submissions by artists from Thailand, United States, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Israel, Ukraine, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Hungary, Peru, Vietnam, Singapore, and Ethiopia.

Unprecedented Creativity: The submissions surpassed our expectations, showcasing unparalleled originality, technical mastery, and profound expressiveness across various art forms.

Recognition and Awards: The winners were carefully selected based on the following criteria; originality & creativity, expressiveness & message delivery, composition & visual elements, viewer engagement, and overall impact. Each recognized artist has left an indelible mark on the global art scene.

Prizes: The following would be the recognitions given to artists for their outstanding work:

Gold Awards:
Cash prize of USD150
E-certificate of achievement.
4 months feature in SwaKarya e-commerce for sale
Solo exhibition on SwaKarya Online Gallery for 4 months 

Silver Awards:
Cash prize of USD100
E-certificate of achievement
4 months feature in SwaKarya e-commerce for sale 

Bronze Awards:
Cash prize of USD50
E-certificate of achievement

Best in Category (Painting, Photography, Anime, Digital Art)
E-certificate of achievement

Honorable Mention:
E-certificate of achievement


List of Winners:


Colours of the Butterfly
Chang Hui Shan, Taiwan



Benjamin Bulus, Nigeria



Dora Keleti, Hungary



Painting - Jose Luis De la Barra, Peru
Digital Art - Henry Everhart-Martinez, USA/Thailand
Photography - Luke Foster, Austratlia
Anime Art - Nurul Dania, Malaysia



Hirut Getachew Worku, Ethiopia  |  Yen Hui Chen, Taiwan   |   Norlisa binti Mohamad Nor, Malaysia   |   Stephen Von Mason, USA   |   Ethan Benjamin Morris, Jamaica   |   Ernest Magura, Zimbabwe   |   Dori Shasha, Israel   |   Dhiraj Khandelwal, India   |   Thathsarani Kaumudie Athukorale, Sri Lanka   |   Mohamad Ariff Mohamood, Singapore   |   Saltanat Amirova, Kazakhstan   |   Oksana Chursina, Ukraine   |   Dreama McFadyen, New Zealand   |   Caitlyn Tiang Yee Yin, Malaysia   |   Henry Everhart-Martinez, USA/Thailand   |   Aaron Krone, USA   |   Nguyen Minh Nguyet, Vietnam   |   Caroline Joy Wong, Malaysia   |   Mariska Knoetze   |   Nur Adzreen Arriesya, Malaysia   |   Jannica Shamira Colanta, Phillippines   |   Shalini Kartik, India   |   Danielle Siauw, Singapore   |   Zehra Fatima Tooba, Pakistan   |   Katie Z Lin, USA



Virtual Award Ceremony: To sweeten the deal and to commemorate the artists' achievement, the award ceremony was done virtually via Zoom during SwaKarya Live Art Showcase 2024! Besides announcing the winner, the Live Art Showcase will also feature special artwork presentation by the SwaKarya founder, global art showcase from artists all around the world, poetry & art book pre-launch, and many more.

Watch the full recording > SwaKarya Live Art Showcase 2024! 


Esteemed Judging Panel: A distinguished panel of international judges, renowned in their respective fields, diligently assessed the entries, bringing a wealth of expertise and a discerning eye to the evaluation process. Our panel of judges includes:

Timi O'Neil 
 Art expert from UWTSD's Swansea College of Art
Timi is the program manager for the Doctorate of Professional Practice in Art & Design at UWTSD's Swansea College of Art. His current research delves into the captivating realm of desire and seduction within the field of artificial intelligence and immersive technology, guided by the insightful perspective of Jean-Paul Sartre. He is an expert in practice-based research that combines theoretical exploration with art application.

Ann Healey - Dean, London School of Contemporary Arts
Ann Healey is Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a dynamic and accomplished educator. In 1998, in Singapore, Healey focused on her own journey as a visual artist. In 1999, she established Art Centred, an education business dedicated to nurturing a genuine passion for art within children and adults. After 17 years in Singapore, with 15 sell out solo exhibitions, Healey embarked on a career in Higher Education in the UK. Ann Healey’s unique ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between mathematical and creative disciplines sets her apart as an innovative educator. She became Dean at the London College of Contemporary Arts, where she continues to pursue her love of business and creativity, as well as maintaining her own practice as a visual artist

    Ts. Dr. Nisa Omar -
    Founder & Creative Director, SwaKarya Gallery
    Nisa is an Associate Professor and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science at IUMW, Kuala Lumpur. She is certified as a Professional Technologist in Art Design & Creative Multimedia and she has received over 15 local and international awards with cumulatively over 150 projects that consist of exhibited artworks, articles publication, conference presentations, workshops, training, and many others. She is also the founder & creative director of SwaKarya Gallery.



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