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Pre-order "Naked Words"

Pre-order "Naked Words"

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Written by an award winning poet, Mawar Marzuki, “Naked Words” is an open door to a woman’s heart, very imposing but also uplifting in a myriad of ways. 

Book details:

Title: Naked Words: Woman's Own Person
Content: 60 poems & 
11 artworks
Language: English & Malay
Expected released date: March/April 2024
Expected distribution via: Amazon, Google Playbook, & Kindle

A leading newspaper, Malay Mail, once dubbed Mawar Marzuki, as a social critic following her poetry “Bohsia at 14”, which depicts and exposes the weakness in her malay muslim society. “Naked Words”, likewise, will see her using her immediate surroundings at any given moment to poignantly exposes a woman naked through her poetic eyes. Even though she bravely explores the subjects of sex and sexuality which, for many eastern and oriental cultures, is still deemed as a taboo, Mawar Marzuki, as a traveler, also explores subjects such as love, heartbreak, identity and healing to show how multifaceted experiences are and how connected women are.

This book also features artwork from an award-winning artist and non-other than our creative director and founder of SwaKarya Gallery, Dr. Nisa Omar, who summarizes some of the poems in meticulously curated art pieces within the theme of femaleness and femininity.

This is a special pre-order and the price will not be the same once the book is out in the market.

Important note: For the pre-order of physical book, additional shipping charges is required prior to delivery. The charges will be depend on the distance; estimate around USD5 to USD35. Once the book is ready, we will contact you via email.

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