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Jasmine's Song

Jasmine's Song

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Artist: Nisa Omar
Art Title: 
Jasmine's Song
Material: Acrylic on Canvas (Original)
Size: 45cm X 45cm
Art Frame: No

The story:
There is something poetic about this piece. It is not about getting the perfect color, the perfect tone, the perfect shape, and beauty or aesthetic pleasantry is not the objective. This piece is to showcase the attraction towards something raw and fresh. When the artist tries to visualize a song about the ocean; she hears the sound of the wave, the strumming of a guitar, the constant movement of the ocean, and when she put it all together, she envision a piece of music being composed for a special lady name Jasmine. When you think of the constant movement of the waves, the blue sky, the splashes of water, you can feel the cold breeze. But alongside it, the softness appears through the floral scent of jasmine flowers, and the calmness of a sunset. It is lyrical, whimsical, and emotional. It is a song for Jasmine.

There is only 1 original painting for this piece.

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