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Hallucinogenic (buy original art through artist)

Hallucinogenic (buy original art through artist)

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Artist: Art R'eev
Art Title: Hallucinogenic
Material: Print on canvas
Size: 30cm x 45cm 

The story:
This artwork is a representation of an image from psychedelic drug that caused hallucination. Hallucinations are false perceptions of sensory experiences. Some hallucinations are normal, such as those caused by falling asleep or waking up. But others may be a sign of a more serious condition like schizophrenia or dementia. Psychedelics are a type of drug that changes a person's perception of reality. Also known as 'hallucinogens', they make a person see, feel and hear things that aren't real, or distort their interpretation of what's going on around them.

If you are interested to purchase the original painting, please email the artist,

Original painting details:
Size: 90cm x 120cm 
Material: Mixed Media (Spray Paint, Fluorescent Acrylic, Enamel)


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