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Fusion (buy original art through artist)

Fusion (buy original art through artist)

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Artist: Marie Sisley
Art Title: Fusion
Material: Print on canvas
Size: 30cm x 45cm 

The story:
This painting was created at a time of great physical pain. I realized that our body is a fusion and we need everything to work in order to stay fit and always graceful. Fusion is a coming together of lines, shapes and colours that gives us a captivating visual harmony. The lines curve and intertwine gracefully, giving rise to a unique work. While the forms transform and merge into each other, creating fluidity and depth in the work. The mix of colors will overlap, creating rich, vibrant shades and striking contrasts.  In this artistic fusion, each element contributes to the expression of a creative and original vision. 

If you are interested to purchase the original painting, please email the artist,

Original painting details:
Size: 102cm x 40 cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas 

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