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E-Commerce Fees for Artist

E-Commerce Fees for Artist

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Sell your artwork on SwaKarya Online Gallery! 

If you arrived at this payment page, it means we are interested and we found one or more of your artwork to be the best fit to be featured on our e-commerce online gallery. 

The fees for selected artists would be:
USD10 (per artwork for 4 months)
USD15 (per artwork for 12 months)
Please also take note that the fees is non-refundable.

We look forward to the possibility of featuring your artwork in our gallery. 

Further information:

  • This is an opportunity for you to sell your artwork on SwaKarya website for up to 12 months.
  • To feature your art on SwaKarya art marketplace, we only accept high-quality, high resolution image of the artwork; full front view without background distraction.
  • The artwork must be created by you, the artist, and you need to ensure that you retain the rights to sell the artwork. We take copyright seriously, if you submit work that is not yours; it will be removed.
  • Artwork that is featured will potentially be promoted across our social media & other platform. Do not take part if you are not comfortable with this arrangement.

Two different methods to sell your artwork on SwaKarya e-commerce:

1. Sell print-on-canvas =
SwaKarya Gallery run an e-commerce art space to sell affordable art.

  • The gallery will do everything on behalf of the artists; the gallery will print, package, and deliver the art to the buyers.
  • There is no extra commitment required from the artist.
  • Commission: All print-on-canvas art will be sold for around USD95 (estimate) and artist will receive USD15 commission for each successful sale of their art.

2. Sell original artwork = In the product page, artist’s email will be provided
  • If customers are interested to purchase your original artwork, they will contact and liaise directly with you. Please communicate with the buyers the exact weight, size, image, and other important information as the gallery will not be involved in the communication.
  • The gallery will not take any commission as we will not be involved in the arrangement for any purchase of original artwork.
  • If your original artwork is sold or no longer available, do alert us via email so we can remove this option from the website.

SwaKarya Gallery has the right to change any requirement, guideline or any other details pertainingto our e-commerce arrangement at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice.



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