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'Dara Rimba' (Acrylic on 2D Sculpture)

'Dara Rimba' (Acrylic on 2D Sculpture)

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Artist: Nisa Omar
Art Title: 'Dara Rimba' (Virgin Forest)
Material: Acrylic on Foam Board (Original)
Size: 120cm X 90cm
Art Frame: Yes

The story:
The artist one day was walking through a field on the way to an office party. While wearing a cocktail dress, she found herself walking along untrimmed grasses and surrounded by tall trees. The incident almost made her feel like she was at a wild jungle instead of the parking lot at a park nearby her house. She then thought of the word ‘Dara Rimba’ (virgin forest) which she then has a vision of a lady hiding behind wild trees. The visual metaphor is to present the meaning of when a person is hidden, she is almost ‘untouchable’, just like how a virgin forest is meant to be. 

This is an original painting on a 2D sculpture where the artist carve three layers of foam board to give it more perspective and depth to the artwork. There is only 1 original painting for this piece.

If you are interested to purchase a more affordable version of 'print on canvas' material, please email

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