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Colours of the Butterfly

Colours of the Butterfly

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Artist: Chang Hui Shan
Art Title: Colours of the Butterfly
Material: Print on canvas
Size: 30cm x 45cm 

The story:
This artwork employs traditional Chinese watercolor pigments as its medium, featuring the profile of a woman as the main subject. Through the unique technique of splashing colors, each ink droplet resembles a petal, akin to butterflies fluttering gracefully. This symbolizes the self-confidence and beauty of women. Through the clever use of color saturation and splashing, it presents a vibrant and artistic scene, allowing viewers to sense the beauty of nature and the unique charm of women. By combining the expression of ink and the beauty of butterflies, the artwork highlights the vividness of the female figure. "Colors of Butterflies" not only emphasizes the richness of colors but also resonates with the elegance and confidence of women, providing viewers with a visual feast.

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