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Book Publication Fees for Artist

Book Publication Fees for Artist

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Publish your art in SwaKarya's Art Book!

If you arrived at this payment page, it means we are interested and we found one or more of your artwork to be the best fit for a book publication. 

The fees for selected artists would be:
USD35 (2-page spread that comes with 1 complimentary e-book)
USD95 (2-page spread that comes with 1 complimentary e-book & physical copy)
// Additional 2-page spread will be at USD15// Please also take note that the fees is non-refundable.

We look forward to the possibility of featuring your artwork in our upcoming book. 

Further information:

  • SwaKarya Art Book
    This Art Book is to feature artworks from artists all around the world that showcase visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces. Each of the artwork will highlight the richness of the artworks alongside the artist profile and biography.
  • Benefits for artists
    By participating in this project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work to a broader audience and be part of a curated collection that celebrates artistic diversity. We estimate the books to have a high number of readership. 
  • Opportunity for your art to be seen by curators, collectors, art lovers & more
    The event invitation will go big and wide and the potential audience will consist of curators, gallery owners, collectors, art lovers, and others. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your artwork to large audience and network for future possibilities.
  • Book distribution
    We expected for the artworks to be released in the third quarter of the year. The book will be available in hardcopy and e-book version and expected to be released via Google Playbook, Amazon, and Kindle.
  • Be part of an international art community
    For you to build your network, gain collectors, be memorable, and known in the art industry; networking is the key. This book can give you that extra credibility as an international artist. 
  • Promotion on website & social media
    Tap on our reach where you will also be exposed to our audience through the placement inside our website and social media platform.

 Additional notes:

  • If you were to arrive at this page, it means we are interested and we found one or more of your artwork to be the best fit for our Art Book publication. We are only open to artists who are 18 years and above. If you have any other artwork to consider, you can email your application to and we will review the quality of your artwork. If we do accept your submission, you will be notified via email.
  • We only accept high-quality artwork and it must be created by you, the artist, and you need to ensure that you retain the rights to your work. We take copyright seriously, if you submit work that is not yours; it will be removed.
  • We estimate for the SwaKarya Art Book to be available in the third quarter of 2024; and the distribution plan is either via Goole Book, Amazon, and Kindle. We cannot guarantee that the computer's display of the e-book version or the printed version accurately reflects the actual colour of the artwork.
  • Artwork that is featured will potentially be promoted across our social media & other platform. Do not take part if you are not comfortable with this arrangement.
  • Upon payment and registration, the gallery will take it that you agreed with all the terms & condition stated in this website or other provided materials. 


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