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'Rama-Rama' (Canvas Art)

'Rama-Rama' (Canvas Art)

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Artist: Nisa Omar
Art Title: 'Rama-Rama' (Butterfly)
Material: Original Acrylic on Canvas / Print on Canvas 
Size: 45cm X 60cm
Art Frame: No

The story:
Butterfly has always been one of the artist's favourite subjects to paint. As the artist was preparing this piece, she was thinking about how when a person spots a butterfly, you will always need to be quick to look before the butterfly fly away. If you can look and observe a flying butterfly, you should treasure the moment and capture the beautiful colours in your mind. For that colours is what will bring a smile to your face. This is the story behind this artwork. 

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Material Description

Original Painting (Acrylic on Canvas): This is a piece where the painting were created from scratch using 100% acrylic as the medium on canvas; giving the artwork a richer texture and stronger colour pallet. The quantity of an original painting is very limited.

Print on Canvas: A high-quality image of the original painting were printed on canvas using high-quality ink alongside some added acrylic paint to add texture to the artwork. It has 90% similarity to the original painting.

Example of a 'Print on Canvas'



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