The Artist

Nisa Omar is a Malaysian artist from Kuala Lumpur. She is also an academic specialized in Media and Visual Communication with qualifications in Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degree in Creative Multimedia from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

“I usually find beauty within any ugly scene 
and turn the scene into a fantasy instead of horror.”

Her vision in art is usually about bridging a real-life experience and a fantasy world. Her work presents visual metaphors as a representation art through a very real observation, experience, journey, or any other primary findings of life. These visual metaphors were usually presented through a relatable concept where others can also see the value and the story behind the artwork. The objects or situation that she chose to present in her work will be the visual cues to showcase the implicit meaning of the art.

This artist work is an examination of the different aspect of life and how the common stories though expected to be predictable can actually surprise the viewers. Altering a real story into a fiction is almost how one can see the visual metaphors were crafted in the artwork. If one were to look a little longer in the artwork, you can see the tension that are almost appealing and imposing to our vision and perception of the piece. For her artwork, she believes that art is for everyone to view and enjoy.

“The central view of my artwork revolves 
around stories from a women’s point of view.”

Artist Interview on Local TV, RTM:


Artist Feature on Local Newspaper:


Awards, Recognition & Achievement:
- Special Art Feature on Selamat Pagi Malaysia, RTM local TV ("Seni Arca 2D")
- Artist Feature on Arts Show International (
- Finalist Award, International Abstract Competition, Art Show International
(Artwork title: Mrs. Heart)

- Bronze Award, The International Painting Exhibition, Camelback Gallery
(Artwork title: Mortal Beauty)

- The Honourable Mention Award, International Art Competition, The Art Show International Gallery
(1st Artwork title: Pistil   2nd Artwork title: Petal)

- Malaysia’s Book of Records, Malaysia’s Longest Painting
(MMU Live Painting)

- Semi-finalist, Adobe Design Achievement Award
(Artwork title: Musical Equilibrium)

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SwaKarya Publication Information

The following would be more information about SwaKarya publishing.

SwaKarya Art Book

This Art Book is to feature artworks from artists all around the world that showcase visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces. Each of the artwork will highlight the richness of the artworks alongside the artist profile and biography.

Benefits for Artists

By participating in this project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work to a broader audience and be part of a curated collection that celebrates artistic diversity. We estimate the books to have a reach of more than 1000 readership.

Book Distribution

We expected for the artworks to be released in the third quarter of the year. The book will be available in hardcopy and e-book version and expected to be released via Google Playbook, Amazon, and Kindle.

Take a look at SwaKarya's First Publication "Naked Words"

'Naked Words' is a compilation of poems by Mawar Marzuki and artwork by Nisa Omar; within the theme of femaleness and femininity.

Watch the video for an overview of "Naked Words"